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The FIM Team User Group

The FIM Team User Group is an online forum that is open to all people working with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager. Once a month we hold a one-hour web conference to discuss FIM-related topics or view presentations by people doing great work with FIM around the world.

How does it work?

The meetings are held on Lync Online. An invitation with the link will be sent by email a few days before the meeting. It is recommended that you check your connectivity and sound equipment well in advance of the meeting.

How do I join?

Please send an email to to be added to the mailing list.

Your email address will only be used to contact you about the FIM Team User Group meetings. It will not be used for marketing or passed on to any other parties.

Next Meeting

Date Presenter Topic
14 May 2014, 21:00 UTC Discussion Topic: FIM and System Center integration This session will be a general discussion topic about ways that FIM and various System Center
products can work together. What have you already tried? What worked really well and what didn’t? Please bring
your stories and share!

James Bannan (System Center MVP) will be on the call to answer questions about System Center.

Planned Meetings
These topics and/or presenters may change on short notice.

Date Presenter Topic
June 2014 Andy van den Biggelaar Reporting – FIM vs custom alternatives
July 2014 Tomasz Onyszko Recent innovations at Predica

Past Meetings

Date Presenter Topic Minutes and Recording
16 April 2014 Andreas Kjellman (FIM Product Group) How to use the new Sync vNext Engine to onboard to AAD with a multi-forest AD on-prem environment.
March 19, 2014 Kent Nordström Best-Practices for declarative and “less-code” FIM solutions link
February 19, 2014 Henry Schleichardt and Carol Wapshere Auto-document your FIM Portal Solution link
January 22, 2014 Bob Bradley Replay your FIM MA link
December 11, 2013 Paul Adare CLM and Virtual Smartcards link
November 13, 2013 David Lundell Impact of deprecated features. link
October 16 2013 Craig Martin Introduction to FIM Workflow Programming with PowerShell. link
September 18 2013 Eihab Isaac Custom UI Extensions to the FIM Portal. link
August 21 2013 Rob Allen FIMMobile – mobile app for FIM approval, groups and password reset link
July 17 2013 Søren Granfeldt An introduction to the PowerShell MA link
June 12 2013 Carol Wapshere Introductions, how the meetings will work, getting-to-know-you polls link

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